What is Invoices Made Easy?

Invoices Made Easy is an online invoicing service. It allows you to create, email, print, and manage your customer invoices. You can even have us print & mail the invoices for you (for a small fee) and save yourself the time & postage.

Invoices Made Easy also allows your customers to pay your invoices online using their credit card or PayPal account. You don't need a web site or any programming skills, your customers will use Invoices Made Easy to pay your invoices. Emailed invoices contain a link back to Invoices Made Easy, or they can simply click the "Pay Invoice" link on our homepage.

Delivery Options
Invoices Made Easy gives you several delivery options for your invoices.

  1. Email - Electronic delivery of invoices to customers with an email address.
  2. Print - Print and mail invoices yourself.
  3. Easy Mail - Purchase "EasyMail Credits" to send invoices via our EasyMail service.

Get paid faster!
Invoices Made Easy offers several ways to decrease the time it takes for you to get your money. When you mail an invoice, the USPS takes 2-3 days just to get the invoice to your customer. Then the invoice is likely put into a pile with other bills to be paid later. Eventually, a check is written and you wait another 2-3 days for the USPS to deliver it.

Now consider electronic invoicing and payments using Invoices Made Easy. It takes just a few minutes to create a professional looking invoice. The invoice can be emailed to your customer in HTML or PDF format and arrives in a matter of minutes. The email contains a link back to Invoices Made Easy where your customer can pay it immediately using their credit card or PayPal account.

Customer Self Care
Invoices Made Easy is more than just delivering & managing invoices. We also provide "customer self care" for your business. "Customer self care" refers to the ability for your customers to view their invoices, update contact information, and pay online with a credit card.
Giving your customers the ability to manage their own account means less work for you. No more re-printing lost invoices or hurrying to the bank to make that deposit. Your customers can view & print their own invoices and online payments are deposited into your bank account automatically!