What makes Invoices Made Easy better?

There are many online invoicing services out there, and of course, some are better than others. Here are some features that we feel make Invoices Made Easy stand out from the rest.


Invoices Made Easy offers a FREE 30 day trial. We don't require a credit card to register, so there is no need to cancel or request a refund if you decide not to use our service. However, once you try our service we're certain that you will agree that $9.95/month is quite a bargain.


What does it REALLY cost to print an invoice? Printer, ink, paper, envelope, postage, trips to the post office - it all adds up. With Invoices Made Easy's Easy Mail service you can avoid all the cost and hassle. Just click a button and we'll print & mail those invoices for you!
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"Made Easy" isn't just part of our name, it's part of our philosophy. Invoices Made Easy is incredibly easy to use. In fact, if you know how to use email, you already know how to use Invoices Made Easy!

Online Payments

The whole point of sending an invoice is to get paid. Giving your customers the ability to pay online is just one more way to make paying their invoice easier. Invoices Made Easy gives you 2 ways to accept online payments: PayPal or Authorize.Net.

Invoices Made Easy works with a PayPal business account to give your customers 2 ways to pay. If your customer already has a PayPal account, they can use it to pay your invoices. If not, they can simply use a credit card to pay. Either way, the transaction is processed through your PayPal account and posted automatically to your Invoices Made Easy account.
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To accept online credit card and ACH payments via Authorize.Net, you must first have an Internet Merchant Account and an Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account. These services are NOT provided by Invoices Made Easy and vary in price depending on the provider you choose.
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