What is Easy Mail?

EasyMail is a print & mail service offered by Invoices Made Easy. For a small fee (as little as $1.00 per invoice), Invoices Made Easy will print and mail your invoices for you. You maintain full control over your invoices, and you select which invoices are sent via EasyMail and which invoices to email or print and mail yourself. Send as many, or as few, invoices via EasyMail as you like.

Consider the actual cost of printing an invoice yourself: printer ink, printer maintenance, envelopes, paper, postage, trips to the post office, and most importantly - your time. Our goal at Invoices Made Easy is to give you tools to help you run your small business more efficiently. We want you to spend less time billing and more time providing the services that generate revenue for your company. Easy Mail is just one more way that Invoices Made Easy can save you time - and money.


The EasyMail service includes the following:
  • Print the invoice in full color.
  • Insert the invoice into a #10 double-window, security tinted envelope.
  • Apply First Class postage.
  • Deliver to U.S. post office.
  • Printed & mailed within 2 business days.


Each invoice that you send via EasyMail requires one "EasyMail Credit".
  • 10 EasyMail Credits = $15.00 ($1.50 each)
  • 50 EasyMail Credits = $62.50 ($1.25 each)
  • 100 EasyMail Credits = $100.00 ($1.00 each)